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Mozzarella Sausage Garlic Sliders

Mozzarella Garlic Sausage Sliders

Mozzarella and sausage, a classic combination of Italian ingredients. These garlic sausages are so much more than the sum of their part though. They’re are garlicky and have just the right amount of cheesiness from the Parmesan.


You’ll love these Mozzarella Sausage Garlic Sliders as a quick weeknight dinner, picnic side or game day appetizer!


These slider-sized burgers are bursting with flavor thanks to a mixture of cheese, garlic and sweet bun that go beyond salt and pepper. In fact, there is no salt in this recipe at all! If you feel like it could use some extra seasoning, simply add an additional tsp. of onion powder and paprika with 1/4 tsp. black pepper and 1/8 tsp. red chili flakes (or any other chili powder you have on hand). Reducing fat in these Mozzarella Sausage Garlic Sliders doesn’t mean compromising taste! Simply swap out the butter for olive oil.


You can’t go wrong with a classic combination of mozzarella and sausage. These sliders combine both of them, along with garlic spread to create an explosion of flavor in every bite.


And, since you’re making them at home, you can serve them on your favorite kind of slider bun. I made these using Hawaiian rolls. But really any type of buns will work for these yummy sliders.


How to make mozzarella sausage garlic sliders



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