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Hey, it’s Sa here, thanks for stopping by! Here are my quick and easy recipes to fill your appetite.

Let’s do some cooking!


Chili Tamarind Chicken

Chili Tamarind Chicken

Tamarind and chili sauce are both popular ingredients in their native cuisines. In Asia, they’re often paired with chicken. This is a unique take on

Pate Chaud

Vietnamese Pate Chaud

One of the first things many people try when traveling to a new country is sampling its local cuisine. Vietnam is no exception. The country’s

Beef jerky

Homemade Beef Jerky

There are certain things in life that have universal appeal. Everyone loves a juicy steak, a crispy chicken wing, or a tender piece of fish.

tamarind coconut meatballs

Tamarind Coconut Meatballs

Tamarind and coconut are like a love affair in the kitchen. They go perfectly with each other from curry to even a dessert. It doesn’t

Poke Bowl

Cooked Salmon Poke Bowl

There’s something very satisfying about combining flavors and textures in a single bowl. Especially when it’s so good you could eat it every day! A

Carrot Pickle

Carrot Pickle

Carrot is often underrated, but it’s actually super nutritious. It’s rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A which offers numerous health benefits. Among all kinds of

Fried Garlic Butter Shrimp

Fried Garlic Shrimp

‍ Do you know that pungent, garlicky taste in Chinese food that you can’t quite place? That’s Sichuan garlic sauce. Made from garlic, ginger, vinegar,

Mozzarella Garlic Sausage Sliders

Mozzarella Sausage Garlic Sliders

Mozzarella and sausage, a classic combination of Italian ingredients. These garlic sausages are so much more than the sum of their part though. They’re are

Shrimp Toast

Shrimp Toast

Hi friends, today we’re going to make an appetizer that you can impress your guests or family member at your next gathering.   Shrimp toast!